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 We Know,that You are running Business with a Dream To Be Market Leader,You are confident about qualities of Your Brands and your services that’s it’s better than other products available in market,You Put your best,  to get best from market ………………………Even It, results are not coming from market as per your expectations?
So, Whose fault is here ? Yes ! It’s not  from only your side,but it’s the market competition, which becomes a major hurdle in market acceptance of your product, An invisible barrier for growth of your business value and volume.Even After best backend preparations like  manufacturing ,product offering,quality,pricing & discounts,advertisement and having best employees team etc etc etc, when you launch your brand in market why does it not get boosted,why it is not accepted by consumers.

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Why does there are repeated failure of Your Strategic Business & marketing efforts,why does your promotional strategies does not converted in sales volumes,why does your advertisement does not attract mass consumers  and why your efforts are not able to convert potential buyer into hardcore loyal consumers ?????????????? Several questions are there in Same Way In Your mind and we know that you are always trying to find the right answers of these burning questions…….

The Only HurdlmASK fINALe for your business growth is Unknown Fear Factors For Business Failures,and interesting thing about this “State Of Mind” is that it’s invisible and not happened till time with you .In fact This fear factor is based on myths only becoz in same market success examples are there and is due to certain invisible dynamics like market competition,acceptance by consumers etc etc.Remember Today’s Big was small yesterday,and today small may become big and big may become bigger than more bigger……. Same happens in business if you understand those invisible dynamics of market and you too can lead like many companies did and many are doing now .

Business Success is  Not Merely The subject matter of Lot’s of finance to  foster your growth in market,It’s not merely the matter of heavy media advertising, and also It’s not merely  because you are not having world class professionals.

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Example are there when even after best Investment some of brands could not get acceptance in market and world’s leading big corporates  collapsed even having best talent,finance and market share.

Yes ! Business success is not merely the subject matter of all above said resources.Examples are there that some of brands grows in market by facing severe resource crisis  with a small startup.In Fact Business success is best synchronizations of all available resources both in quantitative & qualitative terms .

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Basic Resource For Business Success Is B.Q – Business Quotient.If They Can Do,Why Not U ?
We Understand that Entrepreneurs are working hard not merely for bread & butters or for  profits.They Need some thing  extra i.e.. to establish them self as market Icon…..

They want  to rule the market not to be ruled by market.They Demand that their brand should be households preferred one and should be on “TOP OF MIND “. They Desire that their identity should be  by their innovations to satisfy consumers so that world should whisper “OH ! HOW THEY DID IT” ? They Dream for distinct position on Business horizons. Their Success Footprints should followed by others..They Should be synonyms of business success…………………More Importantly with their limited resources……..

Every Product Category / Industry Vertical has immense Business Potentials and In every Vertical, Companies are There which are performing well.Market Ups & Downs Were there and will be there. Competitions Was there,Is There And will be there.Resources Are always limited and crisis is always there whether it’s small enterprise or Big MNC.

If All others Grows In same Environment With Limited resources Why Not you ?


Think ! Why Does ur Business Not Performing ?

Now…..Think for a moment…..Same Business environment, same market place ! Why some of companies grows very fast while others big one collapsed or any quiet old company is still struggling to make it established in market !

It has been observed in business world that despite of having Aggressive Corporate Vision & Mission,Strong will to execute the business plans & business strategies & firm determination to provide best resources,even that corporate goals are not achieved. Reason……….???????

Some thing is missing,some thing is not synchronized among Corporate Mission/Vision & actual execution to make business development.

We have observed that fulfilling corporate dream requires a fine & scientific approach on micro level rather than general, routine ongoing way of business.

We offers,Ever First in professional world “Real Time micro Strategic Management Consultancy Services” —- When strategically Some thing extra needed ,When some different business strategies is  demanded which was never seen/discussed before ,When you want to Surprise the business world by your sharp strategic business instances & tactical business movements no matter what is business environment ……………..

” THE CONSULTANTS” introducing Unique 4th Generation Real Time micro Strategic Business Consultancy Services. EXPERIENCE micro STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY DIFFERENCES WITH US.


Our  unique Strategic value additions to your Business is meant for fulfilling your corporate Goals, to bring your corporate Vision & Mission true by our unique micro strategic business consultancy services- A management consultancy concept to manage multidimensional complex business ecosystem’s dynamics.

The examples to justify above statements are like What Patanjali Ayurveda Just did in few years Emami did the same in 30 years. At some point junction Dabur India, Baidyanath,Hamdard was on same platform,but today Dabur India is India’s One of Largest FMCG & Biggest OTC Company. Nokia was leader in it’s filed with best available talent,resources, but what happened every one knows ! Facebook,Micromax,Wipro some are other examples having high “market parlance” in very small time period.

No doubt, all the companies put their best efforts  by hiring best team ! Than,what may be reason behind success or failure of business in market ??????

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It’s a burning puzzle for business world.But solutions of these business puzzles are unique and only need not to think on surface level but on micro level.

SUCCESSToday’s market ecosystem is quiet different from past one.Due to advancement ,there are several micro forces acting in market place and these are only deciding factors weather a company & it’s offerings to be selected or rejected by market/ consumers.

We calls it micro Business Dynamics and strategies to mange this is known as “ Real Time micro Business Strategies” at us.Today the market war is not fought at market place/ shops,it’s fought within the mind of consumers by transforming their perceptions, hence we called it as “4th Generation Market war / competition” which is quiet complex and different from traditional market warfare.

In Modern Age, consumer is well triggered and pre decided in advance at his own before coming to market that which product he have to buy and why ! Accordingly we should develop our system on micro level to serve our offerings.

More or less, while deciding the business strategies & taking decision,  “Marketing Myopia” or  “Marketing Illusion”–  strategic psychological factors are critical reason for making Successful decisions by marketers.


When you have  years old corporate dream in your eyes and determined to bring it true, when you want to unknot the Business world puzzles. When you clearly want to Keep yourself Steps ahead of Competition rather than just usual growth or Planning a Speedy Startup for Great Future success. Let The uncertainty should not be hurdle of Your Business Success path…… Just don’t Let it go away. ————Time To Think Beyond, Think micro Strategic Level Business with Us


 When business decisions are not yielding results, organization resources get wastage, and at certain time organization do not have resources for further actions. This, we at”The Consultants” Call “Resource Drainage” the most important factors for failure .

Question come how to manage all these business contingencies ??? Answers comes from micro DYNAMICS of business & synchronization system.

For the same, we have developed highly advanced “micro Strategic Business Consultancy Services” to decide right action with adequate resource input (to check resource drainage) for business success optimizations in all business ecosystems within short span of time period..

Come ! Experience The Change in Your Corporate Performance.

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