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Think For A Moment !

Why Some Of Political Parties / Political Candidates Rises Very Fast And Become National Level Politicians ? 

But Most of Them Keep Struggling  For A Political Identity ?

As we know that Indian political environment is most complex by nature and scientifically least studied and understood too, this is reason why big political parties and leaders loses elections frequently.Examples are past election Of India ,Delhi,Bihar where BJP make the clean sweep of all parties but loses in Delhi and Bihar.

Don’t Forget That Advancement In Your Political Career is a continuous & Long term process like  carriers in any other field.Making you or your party as main stakeholder and most influential in Indian political environment is quiet tricky and strategic task.

As we know that Indian political environment is most complex by nature,political dynamics are unpredictable,voters behavior is ever changing and shifting. This is reason behind unpredictable results & rise and fall of different political…

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